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New Secret Space Featuring Chao Fujimoto: “Last New World”

Sitting in my “drafts” column for…what…the past month now has been a post about Chao Fujimoto, probably the most interesting Japanese artist I’ve stumbled across this fall. She’s a 19-year-old woman who makes something between poemcore (the semi-genre where people speak over music) and deep-dream pop, as she uses synthesizers and samples to create her own little world, where she can spill out her guts however she likes. It’s among the best music I’ve heard anywhere this year, and I want to finish it, but for now go listen to these two albums, and let’s talk about them soon.

Have to acknowledge them now, though, as Chao Fujimoto guests on the latest song from dreamy producer Secret Space. “Last New World” is a hazed number that slowly builds up, bass pulses and cotton-candy wisps guiding the song forward. Chao Fujimoto pops up to deliver a monologue…her voice distorted, like she’s coming in from a parallel dimension. Until everything stops, and she appears to be speaking into your ear from a telephone. From there, Secret Space lays down a bouncy beat, sweet but forceful, while Fujimoto fades in and out. Listen above.

And for good measure, the latest from Chao Fujimoto too.