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New Seiho: “Do Not Leave Wet”

I’m not a fan of making excuses for…anything really.* When I see a goofy disclaimer at the top of an article or a blog post, I tend to close the article. That said…I have been really out of it for the past week, and the coming week and a half is going to be equally bad (most likely!). So I don’t know…weirdly enough, all of this stuff is related to work, but not any music writing work, which has helped me break a bit out of a different slump I had over the summer where I…didn’t listen to as much music as I used to? Now, I want to just surround myself with music and drown out all the other things…the one positive of recent stressful times is I’m remembering how important all this is to me.

So…Seiho released a new song a few days ago, in collaboration with something called Tokyo Scene (Powered By Smirnoff). It isn’t as manic as one would expect, but…and again I nudge at the aforementioned stress…it is rather a very laid-back number full of bird sounds and what could very well be three-dimensional squeak toys. It’s what I imagine a vacation in Seiho’s mind looks like, which is to say still very discombobulated and hyperreal, but also pretty chilled out. Listen above.

*in a public forum, but catch me when it comes time to “study for a test” or “go to sleep.”