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New Seiho: “I Feel Tired Everyday”

Part of me just wants to point at that title and be like “eyyyy me too!” But…why? The key to the latest song from electronic artist Seiho comes from his choice to underline “tired” as the condition this track captures. Have all the fuzzy anime GIF loops you want — tiredness isn’t sitting in bed, it is moving from point A to point B before squishing into a train to go to point C. It’s staying up all night to try to find escape in a club but ending up at Fuji Soba before first train, head ready to fall into noodles. Seiho exists somewhere in that latter world, and right-clicking that “song info” option on Apple Music (our streaming overlords…offer some perks! I feel tired everyday) hints at where his mind might have been while putting this one together:

“I Feel Tired Everyday” is in constant motion, and a lot of the sounds Seiho has turned to in the past appear once again. This isn’t pure exhaustion…you can have fun while breaking down after all, and this one moves and bounces, with some late number passages being among the perkiest bits of music he’s offered up in recent memory (though for pure pleasure, turn to the “Weekend Version” on streaming, which swaps out the vocals tripping over themselves in favor of crystalline synths). But even in these moments of escape, a nagging exhaustion tugs at the song, which is Seiho’s masterstroke here. You can always be shooting forward…but everything can blur together and feel disorienting all the same. Listen above.