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Omoide Label Presents Hajimete No Juke Featuring Oyubi, Tsumami And More

The cutesy stuff ends almost right away, following a Vocaloid-powered “cooking lesson” about how to make juke music. Hajimete No Juke then proceeds to show just how much actual variety the Chicago-born style allows. This is really just another juke compilation featuring Japanese creators from Omoide Label, and as is often the case with any biggie-sized set released online, part of the fun is just getting in deep and seeing what sticks with the listener (which is especially true for Japanese juke sets, as they always seem double stuffed compared to other offerings). Some familiar names pop up — Oyubi closes the compilation out with a distorted skitter via “Engage Alarm,” another strong track from the young artist in 2019 — but let us get in the mud and enjoy names once unfamiliar to us. Such as Tsumami, who offers up one of the more rumbling numbers here via the simple but rattling “Suspetcion.” Or Snarewaves playful sample-whirl “Swirl,” which mashes up all sorts of voices into one dancefloor carnival. Get it here, or listen below.