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New Seiho: “I Lost Myself in His Car”

I Feel Tired Everyday” nailed a certain feeling of exhaustion so well, and did so with surprising deftness. It’s “Star Guitar” as imagined by someone going through Millenial burnout, though even they can at least have glimpses back to the more fun times. “I Lost Myself in His Car” still does plenty on the mood front, but the latest from Seiho in a year that is shaping up into something special prioritizes form. Not long ago, Seiho was really getting abstract, peaking with 2016’s Collapse. Those songs featured plenty of twists and turns, with beats often sliced out entirely. “I Lost Myself in His Car” offers up something just as prone to new twists, but does so well maintaining a beat throughout. From quieter stretches to full-on release, this one doesn’t get too heady, making sure the body is always engaged. Listen above.