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New She Talks Silence: “Walk Away”

She Talks Silence released a new mini-album (well, assuming six songs can be called that) named When It Comes, and here’s another taste of it, the jaunty “Walk Away.” A large appeal of the duo’s music is the shadow-covered feel covering it, how there’s something dark and oftentimes lonely about the music they make. And “Walk Away” carries those elements as well – part of the chorus is “I know you hate me,” after all. Still, don’t let those vibes drown out the fact She Talks Silence knows how to write a great indie-pop song – “Walk Away” zips along, the vocals washing over the song and adding a prettiness to it that only becomes untangled when you focus on the lyrics. They have the grounding in indie-pop down, but take it to a far more interesting place than most Japanese indie-pop has…well, since Noise And Novels back in 2010.