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Too Sweet: Curumi Chronicle’s “Candy Trip”

The J-pop landscape features so many idols and idol groups with gimmicks it is practically its own sort of novelty to come across an artist devoid of one. That’s neither a knock against themed outfits (we love them around here when they have the music to back it up) nor an immediate endorsement of the regular, but Curumi Chronicle is striking because of how straightforward she seems. The Osaka idol does have a loose schtick – she documents her idol journey on social media – but otherwise, she’s tough to box in. “Candy Trip,” a preview of a forthcoming release, doesn’t mess around either – it is a swirl of synths leading almost immediately into the hook, a tooth-ache-inducing bit of sweetness. The verses offer up more playful runs – she practically raps at various points – but the core here is that gooey chorus, a pop beast. Listen below.