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New She Talks Silence: “Walks Out From The Voice”

Tokyo’s She Talks Silence has always been a bit of an evasive artist, the sort of musician who would rather the music do most of the talking instead of her. Save for a Japan Times article, an irregularly updated blog and a Twitter account that didn’t come into being until a long while, STS has been a relatively media-shunning group. Yet, whether because last year’s Some Small Gifts nabbed the group a little more attention or just because they are ready for more eyes on them, STS seems to be opening up a bit in 2012. They started a SoundCloud page and they have also recruited a new bass player according to this blog post.

Unchanged, though, is the band’s devotion to being just eschew, with recently posted track “Walks Out From The Voice” proving STS deserve all the David Lynch comparisons. “Voice” was made for the band’s collage art book, and it’s the sonic equivalent of this Twin Peaks scene…which is to say, this ten-minute-plus tune is STS’ weirdest number yet. The majority of the song revolves around some guitar playing seemingly going nowhere in particular, strange sonic touches in the background and lyrics that are very hard to make out and constantly changing in delivery. Yet all of this comes off as strangely hypnotic, and it leads to a climax that doesn’t last long but is worth it. Listen below.

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