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New Tokyo Pinsalocks: “LU-LA Hallelujah”


This one dropped late last night, so apologies for not getting around to it until now. Yet Tokyo Pinsalocks strike me as a group where immediate consumption isn’t necessarily, a slower gestation period perfectly fine for a band like this has been around for a decade now. Whereas young bands (in any part of the world) stare into the whirlpool that is the Internet hype cycle and pinch their noses ready to dive in, Tokyo Pinsalocks have reached a musical age where they just do what they do, which is compose floaty synth-pop with a rocking edge (they are actually probably a good example of early tech-rock, and the fact Nuxx and √thumm play with them so frequently sorta drives that point home). “LU-LA Hallelujah” pits a bouncy melody against electronic sounds summed up by the accompanying video, the image of the trio wearing glow sticks stepping in the place of a press release to describe the sound of the song. The chorus steals the show though, pace increased and joined by electro burping sounds that could have been jacked from the original Pac-Man machine. “LU-LA Hallelujah” is the sound of hard-earned seniority, a group who spent years carving out a sound feeling at home in it.

Thanks to SparkPlugged for posting this first.