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New Shine Of Ugly Jewel: Amphisbaena

The Dark Jinja compilation from earlier this year is one of 2018’s stronger sets attributed to “various artists.” Among the mix of familiar and new producers on that album’s tracklisting was Shine Of Ugly Jewel, who produced one of the more unsettling numbers. Amphisbaena puts Shine Of Ugly Jewel right out in front, and allows their more atmospheric side to shine through. And it is a very unsettling atmosphere at that! Opener “June 1990 Caesarean section” creeps to life with what sound like distant train horn samples before pivoting to…well, what sounds like being stranded in a particularly scary rainforest. “Kame” only builds on that uneasy vibe, with low vocal rumbles mixing beneath the music, while closer “Synonym” ends with something resembling hope, albeit still coated in noise. Dark Jinja has excelled at setting a specific mood with their releases, and Shine Of Ugly Jewel only adds to that burgeoning reputation. Get it here, or listen below.