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Parkgolf Teams With Jvcki Wai For “Xaradise”

If this isn’t quite the best case for musical relations between neighbors, it at least offers a nice step forward. Plenty of steps have been made to bridge the gap between Japan and Korea’s music communities, with all sorts of shows happening between artists of all genres from both Japan and Korea, and…uhhhh, I guess Produce 48, ignoring everything? Unless you pretend this is an alternate world Trekkie Trax song, like I choose to do. Parkgolf working with Seoul rapper Jvcki Wai still feels like a welcome crossover, and it helps that the end result is a trippy bit of electro-rap. Parkgolf’s music is on the blurrier side — on its own, it would be a mess! — but it works wonder when swooping up Wai’s unsteady verses and repeated syllables. Listen above.