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New Snail’s House: “Alien Pop III”

The Alien Pop series of releases from Snail’s House have been Keitaro Ujiie’s strongest creations to date, although it’s worth noting electro-pop numbers hit my personal taste zone way more than others. Across these releases — including this Spring’s delirious second installment — he’s hit this sweet spot between French touch, Vocaloid as imagined by Livetune, and Perfume’s take on pop. Alien Pop III underlines all the above, but really makes these influences clear. In particular — and, like, completely here to get me wooing — Ujiie lets the Yasutaka Nakata vibes come through clearly on songs like “Invader,” which is a swifter and more filtered “Night Flight” with all the nervous energy in tact. “MAGIK” brings in vocalist Sennzai to go through the digital wash, with a more relaxed but still-giddy number coming out (picture the non-rap parts of “575” if you need comparison). “FUSION” nods to Vocaloid influence, offering up the album’s swiftest melody and a constant stream of syllables. It’s another winning edition to this series, one tapping into a sound that has proven highly influential and reminding how much power it still has. Get it here, or listen below.