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Bubblin’ Up: TEMPLIME’s “Sphere”

There’s these moments when younger Japanese electronic artists come through with a track or two bubbling over with energy and excitement, and they get you antsy to see what they can think up next. Duo TEMPLIME’s Sphere offers up two nervy dance numbers anchored by sliced-up vocal skitters and beats taking cues from various strains of British dance music. The title track taps into garage to create a constantly in-motion number eventually giving way to a playroom-ready sound when it lets itself go (this pair are also creating something “kawaii” without making it obvious, despite many of the touches being fitting for that realm of sugary sweetness). There’s a buzz to it that reminds me of early Pa’s Lam System or Lolica Tonica’s “Eyes On You,” a kind of joy overflowing that elevates this a bit. “Crazy ‘Bout U” covers up drum ‘n’ bass beats with sweet guitar melodies and aching vocal samples over top, making this the first time I’ve ever felt like In The Blue Shirt has directly inspired someone. Next step is finding out just how to make this sound all their own, but for now an exciting start. Get it here, or listen below.