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New Snail’s House: Love Story


Watching Snail’s House (aka Ujico) develop in the past year — from middle-of-the-road “kawaii bass” producer to an artist showing off a lot of stylistic depth, both electronically and with more classical piano compositions — has been exciting, and the young trackmaker has a new EP out further highlighting his ever improving style. Love Story mixes up the two areas where Snail’s House excels, with a track like “Bitter Sweet” being an overload of bright synths…but being guided by a lovely piano line, which ultimately serves as the song’s sweet spot (call it the “Baby Cruising Love” gene). The music has just become more refined over time — although Love Story can be busy, no element ever seems out of place, everything working together (and, on a laid back number such as “‘I Secretly Love U,'” Snail’s House shows he can do breezy just as good as crowded). Yet the most intriguing development comes via the use of vocals, on “Bitter Sweet” but in particularly on EP highlight “Koisuru Spacegirl,” where the electrified singing adds an emotionally gushy layer to an already sweet song. Get it here, or listen below.