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New Spangle Call Lilli Line: “Azure”

I’m not sure how many hours of my life have been spent wandering around some city in Japan at night while listening to Spangle Call Lilli Line, but I can guarantee the number is very high. It is slightly unfair to reduce any group and their catalog of music into some seemingly random activity where you happened to be listening to them — but, despite being a sonically slippery outfit over their existence, I’ll always think of Spangle Call Lilli Line as nocturnal music (especially Purple), even when they flat-out rocked. I have a feeling “Azure” will fit in well with this image. Despite moving at a faster tempo, it features the hallmarks of a Spangle Call Lilli Line standout — a slightly woozy feel (those guitars) like you’ve stayed up way too late, and the lead vocals (here made even more disorienting late in the song when they start skittering off). Watch the video above.

(Hat tip to Sparkplugged for the find)