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New Spangle Call Lilli Line: “Therefore”

Plenty of bands are consistent, but Spangle Call Lilli Line manage something far more rare — being deceivingly consistent. Over their career, they’ve experimented a lot and practically changed their sonic palette every album, yet it doesn’t feel like they are constantly tinkering because they also have a strong voice that comes through in whatever they do. New song “Therefore” is as good an example of this you’ll find. It features details that only pop up sporadically in the band’s music —- loopy electronic details that give it a zoned-out feel, alternating male-female vocals, ever-shifting tempos. This all makes for a number that’s far more shifty than anything else they’ve put out in recent years, but it feels every bit them, mainly thanks to the way the vocals stroll through the song and everything feels like someone thinking things over on a long walk. Listen above.