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Listen To New Mameyudofu And Psyqui Songs From The Latest Megarex Compilation

Another M3 has come and gone, and that means a steady trickle of electronic music is going to appear online over…well, the next couple of months? One of the immediate highlights in the wake of this gathering comes from Megarex, whose latest compilation features a lot of names that get us excited. They aren’t all online — but the ones that are hit hard. Let’s start with Mameyudofu, mostly because it also provides a chance to catch up with them. Two years ago, they were making shiny Vocaloid-accented music. But now, they’ve transitioned to…well a lot of different styles. We missed this month’s My Spring Break Doodles, which is closer to the electro-pop bounce of Mameyudofu’s earlier work, albeit with a little more bounce to it. Highly recommend that one, but also take a listen to “Eyes On The Stars,” a number that ratchets up everything significantly, at least after a build-up centered around robo voices. Then it bursts open. Listen above.

Psyqui contributes two songs to the comp, meanwhile. The first feels more like an intro to the collection as a whole, although it really goes into overdrive later in its runtime. Better still is “Raise Your Hands” featuring Such, a speedy number working in bleepy vocal stutters, violin and some great bass notes. A great rush of energy, listen below.