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New STAR GUiTAR Featuring CICO: “Tonight”


Kinda a mixed bag here. STAR GUiTAR (aside: when did that “i” get lowercased?) sound fine, laying down a pulsing club beat that isn’t particularly complex but definitely serves its function. Alone, the music would pass for OK club stuff. Problem comes with the vocals courtesy of CICO. The shouts of “tonight” in the back actually add a lot…I’m phoning it in when I say it reminds me of certain Chemical Brothers’ songs, but that’s the truth. The rest, though, sorta grinds. CICO “raps” in the same way Far East Movement or Black Eyed Peas “rap” which is really about making generic boasts about partying that don’t go beyond “tonight we’re gonna party!” To her credit, CICO still makes this track come off better than “Dirty Bit.” It also doesn’t help, though, that she has the same nasally inflection of Ke$ha, making her lyrics infinitely more annoying. Beneath all the rapping rests a decent electro-dance song…but gets bogged down by what feels like sober girls crowding around it and acting drunk.

Very cute video though! And points for sexual innuendo.

(Via Neaux)