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New Yuhki Katagiri: “Percentage”

Though it lacks the shiny sheen big record label bucks can create, Yuhki Katagiri’s bedroom music serves as a reminder that pop isn’t the sole property of people who own multiple yachts. Sure, lots of Japanese pop sounds like the product of a conveyor belt and Yasutaka Nakata probably pulls most of Perfume’s music off of a super-advanced spreadsheet…but Katagiri shows even an ordinary person can hit on the same pleasures. “Percentage” emulates the electro-whoosh of Perfume, and Katagiri does a darn good mimick job. Using 8-bit-ish sounds in place of higher priced synths, Katagiri creates a bright, bouncing track reminiscent of “Twinkle Snow Powdery Snow” or “Plastic Smile.” Without the backing of a big record label, though. “Percentage” shows ear-pleasing pop can be obtained by anyone, not just cash-backed performers. Listen here.