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New Stones Taro: Scarf EP

One of the earliest pieces of music writing advice I received was…don’t dwell too much on album art. But let me just take a second to note how new Kyoto-based label NC4K has established a great visual sense so far into their existence, with a cartoony psychedelic element that I really hope they continue to embrace. And it’s fitting for the music they’ve put out so far — this is the real no-no of bringing up images and music, but whatever! — as it gels well with the loose-limbed bounce of Pee.J Anderson’s “Move” and, now, Stones Taro’s Scarf EP. At it’s best, the producer’s latest indulges in some zoned-out fun, best laid out on the title track. That one is content to let synth notes — both wispy and thick — float by like a puff of smoke, with cowbell propelling the song forward. The rest of Scarf tends to be more energetic, though even something more up-tempo like “Portrait Of A Mind” features these electronic wooshes that give the track a spaced-out vibe. Get it here, or listen below.