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Breaking Through: Kudo Kamome’s Trypophobia Experiments

Singer/songwriter Kudo Kamome has been experimenting with pop structures for a few years now. She’s been releasing albums since the start of the decade, dabbling in fanciful Parisian-tinged numbers and more abrasive guitar music. Yet her latest EP Trypophobia Experiments offers some of her wonkiest creations to date, and an early 2018 highlight. Each song features a different producer, giving each number a different vibe. Hamacide lends opener “Middle of the End” an uneasy vibe, mixing bell chimes and ghostly vocal squeals with a Knife-worthy melody. Downstate turns “Orion” into an up-tempo electronic number guided by skittering percussion, but with Kamome’s voice slightly muffled. She handles the last song all her own, switching up from the electronic numbers before it for a guitar number that frequently ruptures in half. Whatever the sound, she adjusts her voice to the situation, working with whatever she’s been given (or crafted herself). Get it here, or listen below.