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New Sugar’s Campaign/Takuma: “PLUSminus (11.5.1 Mix)”

Not positive who to attribute this gloopy-bass-heavy track to. Takuma is a member of the group Sugar’s Campaign and I arrived at the SoundCloud page featuring “PLUSminus” by going from that group’s MySpace to a Twitter to…well SoundCloud. Yet Takuma seems to be the only one taking credit for this tune? Yeah, not sure, but onto the song! It’s labelled “synthwave” but I’m going to say this sounds more “chill,” especially if that word conjures up images of old MTV2 bumpers between commercials during Subterranean. It’s a bouncy bit of synth construction, highlighted by the semi-wonky bass pulsing through it. Takuma also works in a few vocal samples of people and bird chirps into this, playing with them in a way very similar to what Flying Lotus does (check that second sample, just like “Camel”). Still, he never blasts off out of his bedroom, “PLUSminus” sounding like a Washed Out instrumental turned stainless steel. Listen below.

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