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New Suiyoubi No Campanella: “Melos”

Not to play the “midyear report” card too soon, but Suiyoubi No Campanella’s Superman remains near the top of my personal list. It’s an album where one person’s character — in this case, KOM_I — shines through and illuminates the project wholly, a nice flip of how this usually goes in J-Pop (the producer making everything work). Plus, it just goes.

But that’s for December. The outfit isn’t resting — or their label isn’t letting them! –and Suiyoubi have a new single out this Friday, “Melos.” It’s a bit unfair to say that it sounds like a Suiyoubi No Campanella song, because that could mean a whole bunch of things — but it does feature a skittery beat that transforms frequently, from chill lounge fare to drum ‘n’ bass-teasing passages to xylophone interludes. Above it all, KOM_I zips about and animates it all. Listen above.