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New Super VHS: “Summer Vacation”

OK, this one might actually fulfill your preconceptions. Super VHS’ latest song goes by the name of “Summer Vacation,” and if that wasn’t enough they went and tagged the track as “Chillwave” on SoundCloud. Not that they needed to, track speaks for itself…the vocals get slightly obscured, a pleasantly chilly keyboard line plays during the entire thing and the whole song carries an atmosphere of bedroom-relaxing. It’s also the young group’s best number to date, an unhurried number that at moments might seem a bit too genre-stereotypical, but Super VHS pull it off well and create an absorbing feeling with some neat touches (that guitar late in the track, for one). Like its title, “Summer Vacation” is a slowly unfolding time that, down the line, carries a lot of good memories. Listen below.

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UPDATE: Super VHS posted a video clip to go with “Summer Vacation” about an hour ago. Watch it below!

[vimeo w=400&h=300]