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Funky Longing: Kido Yoji’s “Call A Romance”

Ahhhhh, romantic longing disguised as an easy-going, disco-tinged dance song. Kido Yoji’s “Call A Romance” struts on a breezy bed of electronics, so light it could barely get a hammock swinging. Sonically, Yoji brings to mind early Phoenix here, bare-bones disco rock that’s easy to like and even easier to sway around too. Yet just like that French outfit, “Call A Romance” goes a bit deeper when it comes to the emotional side. As the title hints at, Yoji seems a bit bummed by his inability to talk to the person he desires, peppering the track with lines like “change your mind” and “can’t you give me romance?” These lovesick undercurrents add a nice balance to the summer-evening feel of the actual music, a pleasant (sorta) reminder that even the sweetest disco houses a lot of unresolved emotional issues. Listen below.

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You can download “Call A Romance” for free here, until September 10. Yoji has a mini-album out in October, and you can watch the trailer for it below. Spoiler – more romantic longing!