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New Taichi Mukai: “Siren”

There’s probably a timeline where tofubeats spends the majority of his career working behind the scenes to create top-notch J-pop, while also having a lesser-known solo thing too. Plenty of folks have done that in history! But he’s starting to go down a path closer to Tetsuya Komuro, wherein his own projects get the spotlight but stepping in to work with others results in said artists most interesting moments. tofubeats tackles the music for young artist Taichi Mukai’s new song “Siren,” and it’s a stand-out number for the youngster. Few acts require great producers quite like Mukai —- seek out his collab with Pa’s Lam System for another gem, or opt to check out his cheesy forgettable side — and tofubeats makes for a good partner. Bits of his solo work come through via the buzzier details and digitally filtered vocals that pop up every once in awhile, but like a good behind-the-scenes guy, tofubeats doesn’t turn this into a tofubeats’ song. Rather, it’s a shuffling pop cut allowing Mukai enough space to show off his skills…with a little left-of-center worked in. Listen above.