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Sloshed: Japanese Summer Orange’s “Let Me Get You Some Beers”

This current wave of slacked-out indie-rock in Japan gets the chilled-out, enjoying-life part down pretty well…but everything always seems a touch too neat. All these bands that found Mac DeMarco, bought a beanie and picked up guitars sing about eating pancakes, walking around the town or just being vaguely optimistic about the future. Too responsible! Japanese Summer Orange takes this attitude to a far more believable end with “Let Me Get You Some Beers,” a hobbling number that embraces escapism via booze. Which…not here to up a lifestyle (don’t drink beers to complete work!), but works wonders when paired with the guitar playing and the way Japanese Summer Orange slurs out every line. Here’s sloppiness made fun, and a nice roll in the dirt after months of sun-dappled indie-rock. Listen above.