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New Takuma Of Sugar’s Campaign: “Kuzuha No Sunday”

Not to judge a place by a Wiki page alone, but Kuzuha city near Osaka looks like a pretty ho-hum locale. I’m sure the ballyhooed Kuzuha Mall delivers on great values and a bomb food court, but rarely is it a good sign that the shopping mall ends up being the highlight. Other points of interest include a golf course and a dental university. Not somewhere I’d want to spend my three-day weekend.

Takuma of Sugar’s Campaign would probably kick me in the teeth. The Hirakata native has created a bubbly celebration of the city called “Kuzuha No Sunday” which is so ridiculously triumphant and alive he should probably be made head of the tourism board. His beats smack extra hard, flurrying by so strong that you’re compelled to step in disjointed unison with it. Then the sweet spot – Takuma drops a keyboard line so damn cheery, almost as if he stumbled across the musical pattern to replicate a sunny Sunday afternoon, that everything takes off from there. He drops an exclamation mark into this blockparty shortly after, summoning up some great vocal samples that twirl up through the music and lend “Kuzuha” the final bit of warmth it needed. This is a hell of a production job by Takuma, recalling the very best of Warp artist Bibio’s music…this song is better than the entirety of Bibio’s latest album…and just being a big inviting number. This track could make the dental university into a hot spot. Listen below.

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