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Diskotopia Doing Work: A Taut Line Post New Song, Greeen Linez Release EP

Tokyo-based label Diskotopia…read a good Japan Times profile this way…aren’t taking it too easy this summer despite pumping out music just waiting to play alongside an afternoon spent sitting on a beach towel. Matt Lyne, one of the imprint’s co-founders, produces under the name A Taut Line and has a new number online now, called “In This Heat.” Given the title and his role in chilled-out duo Greeen Linez, you’d expect a nice seasonally-appropriate joint. Yet the only summer feeling coming out “In This Heat” is being in a confined space and just being sweltered, sweat dripping down your brow and everything. This track closes in on you, Lyne adding little elements throughout the song but in small ways that don’t burst the doors down as much as make them start to trip out. There is a vague tropical feel and that tight-space feel might just be the grinding of perspiration-soaked bodies together in a club, but I’m picturing being trapped in a jauntier Enchanted Tiki Room during a particularly sweltering day. And it feels great. Listen below.

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Lyne’s Greeen Linez project, a collaborative effort between him and Chris Greenberg from Hong Kong In The 60s, also has something most-certainly worth copping out now, an EP. Get it here, and watch the video for “Feel The Pressure” below.

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Greeen Linez – Feel The Pressure from Diskotopia Tokyo on Vimeo.