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New TalkingCity1994: “My Jenifer”

TalkingCity1994’s I Can Feel Your Soul was a constantly chugging affair. That’s not to imply it was 20 minutes of non-stop aggression, but even the lighter moments, moving forward on old-arcade-machine synths, moved with intent. The band’s latest track, “My Jenifer,” isn’t an about-face into ambient music, but it finds TalkingCity1994 moving a lot slower than anything on I Can Feel Your Soul, and sounding very sweet. The keyboards go a long way to establishing this mood, more subtly used than on most of the EP’s songs. If anything, “My Jenifer” has less in common with the home-made pop of John Maus and feels more indebted to nostalgic indie-pop, the only thing really making you think twice about that tag is the electronics smeared over this. Listen below.

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