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Pop-Office Tease New Song “You Found Me,” Hint At New Album Later This Year


Lot of news coming out of the Pop-Office, uh, office at the moment. They recently posted a new song called “You Found Me (Primitive Version)” (maybe that means, like, a demo?), which is sorta a change-up from this Nagoya group. Up until now I’ve associated them with bleak, 80’s rock packed tight with a lot of distortion and dramatically wrenching singing. “You Found Me” sounds sunny. It still owes a debt to the 1980’s…and that super-sticky guitar lick is obviously a descendant of The Smiths’ “This Charming Man”…but the gloomy mood surrounding previous Pop-Office song vanishes in favor of a pretty upbeat song featuring the lead singer going “doo doo doo do do.” In a happy way!

The description for the above video says “You Found Me” will appear on the group’s “forthcoming album (will be out in Autumn 2012?).” Looks like a new contender has entered the ring for the title of “hypothetical album I’m most excited about in 2012.” Watch out, The Avalanches.