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New Taquwami: “The Gathering”

Short: Gahhhhhhhhhh can this EP come out already, this is destorying me.

Long(er): Every taste of the Moyas EP Taquwami shares, the more I want to hear the whole damn thing. He’s taking his time — and in an age where it is easy to just chuck up a bunch of demos and see what sticks, it’s admirable he’s perfecting his work to what he wants it to be — but every bit of it (half of it now!) has just been such a tease. “The Gathering” is the second song from Moyas to pop up online, and it’s a trip. Like…mutant bird squaks leading to fourth-dimension trap? Taquwami has been seeing how far he can push individual sounds as of late, and “The Gathering” is loaded with weird noises that somehow all click into one wonky song. Listen above.