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New Teams: Yonkey Links Up With AAAMYYY For “Downer Love”

Some pairings just end up working so well that dwelling too much on the how of it all seems a little pointless. Yonkey is an electronic producer signed to Asobisystem (seems fast!), while AAAMYYY is a member of the band Tempalay (responsible for one of the better albums of 2019) and also a solo artist (responsible for a pretty solid full-length earlier this year, albeit one that kind of keeps getting lost in the shuffle for me). “Downer Love” finds them working well with their best elements — Yonkey lays down a Russian nesting doll of a beat, one going from slow-motion synth sections to glistening playroom pop passages that introduce a nice spring into the song’s step. AAAMYYY contributes the vocal, and matches up with whatever atmosphere Yonkey works up. All together, it’s pretty easygoing and makes for a nice early-summer tune. Listen above.