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New Tempalay: “Shinsedai”

The current generation of rock bands getting looks from the mainstream — Suchmos, Never Young Beach Yogee New Waves among others — offer up a positive outlook on the future in Japan. The headlines tell a different story, one about a lack of permanent jobs and of a country facing a bit (that’s an understatement) of a population drop. You’d think the kids might feel beat down, but based off of pop culture they seem downright upbeat. Think of it as the teens enamored by the “Dragon Night” of Sekai No Owari coming of age and embracing something “cooler,” but with the same positive vibes running through it.

Tempalay fall into this category too, but started life as being too goofy for their own good. But then they revealed something more than Mac DeMarco runoff, while still being apt for this emerging demographic of young listeners. “Shinsedai” synthesizes both extremes of the band. The verses are slinky and tipsy — matched by the video’s silly imagery — and bring to mind the group’s ramshackle early days. But then the chorus pivots to something more sincere, something cleaner, something that finds the group looking — gasp — serious in the clip. Turns out you don’t have to choose a side, just find a little space for both. Listen above.