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New The Cigavettes: “We Rolled Again”


The Cigavettes try oh so hard to push you away, but manage to somehow always do just enough to keep you hanging around. Last year, they released an album of defrosted Beatles-inspired tunes that grew tired after one listen…but said release had just enough moments of inspired sunny pop one couldn’t really muster up the energy to say “I hate this,” but rather pat The Cigavettes on the back and say “cool man, but it is sorta long and maybe you want to try something new?” New single “We Rolled Again,” the single from their just-released second album, seems poised to finally make one stop being nice to The Cigavettes. The first minute finds them once again retreating to all the same simplistic rock tropes they exhausted on the first album, the only growth seeming to come on the video side, where the band has embraced a boozy image while the lead singer dons the type of glasses only Liam Gallagher would choose to wear.

Then comes that verse after the first chorus and god damn it Cigavettes, you did it again. From there, the song turns into the sort of throwback pop song bands like The Apples In Stereo and Of Montreal churned out regularly in the mid 90’s, still indebted to the Beatles but moving at a brisker pace to make one not get hung up on that devotion. Catchy stuff that helps you ignore the goofball image makeover and the creeping dread that the album will do the exact same thing their last album did, with enough sunglasses-ready moments to ease the pain of spending 2000 yen. Watch above.