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New Molice: “Please, Please, Pris”


Being an alternative-rock band probably isn’t an easy life. They usually don’t receive the big budgets most mainstream J-Pop acts get, but they often still have enough commercial ties where they can’t run into the wilderness and really cut loose. Standing out in a very crowded field, then, becomes difficult, and a lot of bands end up just floating somewhere in the middle, trying to rise above. Molice have had more success than most – they’ve played shows in America and even released their last album stateside – yet they still exist somewhere in the alternative-rock pack. Latest song “Please, Please, Pris” makes a strong case for them not to be lumped into that tightly-packed train car. What sets Molice apart is their ability to pen a great chorus, a talent on full display here. It’s an uncomplicated hook – it’s a speedy bit of vocal bunny hopping, the pace of the guitars and drum matching up just right – but so catchy it pushes “Please, Please, Pris” ahead of most J-Rock songs out at the moment. Watch the video above.