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New The Mari On The Beach: Lovely, Pretty, Cute & Happy

Here’s an album title that sums everything up neatly. The Mari On The Beach’s Lovely, Pretty, Cute & Happy collects the Osaka group’s “pop tunes,” with an overriding theme of “speed, density and catchy.” They did a pretty solid job of putting this album together going by those guidelines – Lovely, Pretty, Cute & Happy avoids any of the instrumental tracks that were all over Play Music, Sing A Song and also avoid anything that leaned experimental from Get Out Of Making Music. This means no “AM Boy, FM Girl,” which would have been welcome here, but other than that omission this set features catchy numbers like “Galaxy,” “Poland Girl” and “Debonair Drive.” The one new addition isn’t even that new – the lovely, fast “Kiss Me Quick” is a cover of a song by the Osaka band Neurone…which might have been what The Mari On The Beach did before The Mari On The Beach. Still, here’s a great starting point for The Mari On The Beach and a ready-made summer playlist. Listen below.