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New The Mirraz: “Kanransha Ni Noru Kimi Ga Yakei Ni Terasareteruuchi Wa”


Dear The Mirraz,

How ya guys holding up? You need some orange slices or something? Back massage? Seriously, last time I checked in on you guys you had just released a vulgar-titled album proclaiming yourselves the fucking world, and that was only a few short months after releasing an album declaring yourselves on top of the fucking world. Now, it isn’t even July yet and you’ve got another new single ready to flood into record stores all over Japan, complete with a breathless name that sorta mirrors (har har) your work ethic. So I’m kinda just curious…you guys need a break yet?

The funny thing…aside from that zinger of a pun…is that your newest song doesn’t even hint at any sort of exhaustion. Usually, a band releasing music at a rate like you guys are eventually phone one in, make something a little half-assed before retiring to a Game Of Thrones marathon accompanied by some Pizza Hut. Yet, you guys don’t really do that…because all your songs sorta follow the same reckless blueprint. Yeah yeah I know sometimes you indulge in Irish-tinged pub rockers or U2-big arena rock, but for the most part you dudes make fast-talking rock big on catchiness and small on run-time. And it’s great! This new one delivers on those goods, featuring enough interesting tweaks (mainly, the lead vocals) that this isn’t a quick nap. Sure, there really WASN’T a reason to release this…why not choose something on the last album and catch some extra sleep…but I’m also not going to begrudge your decision to record a plenty catchy rock track for the summer.

Still…take a vacation guys. Go to Guam, sit in the sun and read some new literature.