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New Tofubeats: “Fumetsu No Kokoro”

This one benefits a lot from seeing tofubeats perform it live last week in Shibuya. His latest digital single doubles as the theme song to TV Tokyo drama Video Girl AI, which is about a woman who pops out of a television to live with some guy. The verses to “Fumetsu No Kokoro” feature a bounce palatable for a general audience, more daring than the majority of televised theme numbers but fluffy. The chorus, though, is where things really get going, and I’d say seeing it play out in an actual live space helped a lot with that. “Love love love” turns out to be a great thing to shout out with a bunch of other people, while the squiggly electronics underneath it reveal themselves on a home listen. Besides sneaking drum ‘n’ bass tempo into a primetime musical number, “Fumetsu” shows how he can bring his imprint to a hook and make it work. And get a room going. Listen above.