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New Tokyo Jihen: “Sora Ga Natteiru”


Few bands manage to tightrope between pop success and artistically sound music as well as Tokyo Jihen do. New single “Sora Ga Natteiru” once again finds the group laying out a technically monster pop joint…see the soaring chorus which all but cement that status…while doing enough to seem like they work off the grid at least by J-Pop standards. The guitars sound rather unpolished but that’s just bait, aimed at winning over those who see “studio mastered” and get really nervous. The cynical answer as to why Tokyo Jihen manage to co-exist in these two musical worlds would be Shiina Ringo – the lead singer’s voice overpowers the rest of “Sora Ga Natteiru” and ends up being the ultimate highlight of the song as it tends to be on Tokyo Jihen tracks. Yet the rest of the group provides just the right background for her to do her thing, and all the elements come together to form a very strong Jihen single.

Plus, the video above features some great slow-motion shots of breakfast food.