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New Tokyo Pinsalocks: “Kurukuru To Guruguru,” “Mirror,” “100 Dresses” And A New Album

Electro-rock group Tokyo Pinsalocks with the out-of-nowhere news of the week! They plan on releasing a new album titled Kurukuru To Guruguru this week, on October 6, and to wet appetites for the new full-length they’ve posted three song previews on MySpace. Early signs point to this album being killer – the title track boasts an absolute stunner of a chorus featuring soaring vocals and bleepy-bloopy keyboards. “Mirror” plays like disco warped into psychy new wave with singing delivered via vocoder. “100 Dresses,” meanwhile, imagines a more radio-friendly version of Stereolab if Stereolab sang about buying different colored dresses.

I once wrote about seeing Tokyo Pinsalocks live after sets by Bang Bang Balloon (now Nuxx) and Hosome that they sounded kinda “pedestrian.” If these three songs are any indicator, I’ll be eating my words this Wednesday.