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New Antenna Girl Featuring Tomggg: “Superstar”

You can make a strong case that Tomggg ushered in the current wave of “kawaii” electronic music coming out of Japan (and abroad). Yet even if you don’t want to go that far, he’s was undeniably ahead of the curve. But Tomggg has proven restless and, at a time when the producer could easily ride out on chimes, xylophones and other assorted playroom elements, he’s pushed himself to create music utilizing the same palette of sounds, but aiming for something more refined (without losing the club edge). Last year’s Art Nature was one foot forward, a set featuring collaborations that made more room for songs to breathe, adding some drama into his sugar-shot music. It didn’t always click, but pointed towards new ambitions.

“Superstar” provides further growth for Tomggg. It is a song belonging to Antenna Girl, and she has a higher-pitched voice that would suit his more frantic kawaii rave ups…and looking at the line-up of her first album out this month, that is kind of what is happening. But part of this song’s intrigue comes from how that isn’t the case, but rather used alongside slow builds that don’t explode. The twinkles and chimes remain, but they are joined by strings and stretches where the light falls completely on Antenna Girl’s voice (fitting, as this is her song). And this slow burn makes the moments when Tomggg lets the song burst open all the more exciting. Listen above.