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New Tominaga: Limbus And Songs

Electronic artist Tominaga highlights two sides of her sound on a pair of albums that came out at the end of May. Limbus gathers several of her ambient, often wordless, creations from 2016 to now, highlighting her approach to constructing sound exclusively. The revelation is she’s capable of squeezing a lot of feelings out of these drifting works — the title track moves from something unsettling and dark to calming by the time it reaches its final stretch. Others, like “Untitled #1,” come off as intriguing textural experiments, with harps and keyboard bleeps twirling around one another. It can get a bit intense at times, but Limbus shows Tominaga’s ability to create absorbing soundscapes. Get it here, or listen below.

Songs gathers songs featuring her singing — the music often isn’t far removed from what you would find on Limbus, just made a bit more compact and spacious to give Tominaga room to sing over. Songs such as “Coral Waltz” feature a chorus of Tominaga’s coming together, while “Pain Is Mine” offers up minimalist pop, complete with horn blurts. Get it here, or listen below.