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New Toyohirakumin: Memory Lane


We all deal with stress in our own ways. I look at pictures of dogs, go for runs…and sometimes listen to vaporwave (or this, depends on how bad I’m feeling). For all the talk of post-capitalism and accelerationism that hovers around the style, I’ve always been drawn to it for how emotional it can sounds, how the sounds of a warped past can feel so warm and welcoming (and sometimes fun). So here I am, trying to shake off a pretty bad week and change, diving into Japanese producer Toyohirakumin’s Memory Lane, a slowed-down affair perfect for soaking in. I’m not sure how much I would have enjoyed this if the weather was great out and my spirits were up…but I’m not, so a mix of saxophone over slowed down electronics with a few moments of surprising release (“Sunset” features an extended slow-mo guitar solo, and lord is it comforting). It plays out like a TV drama — “Opening Theme,” “Closing Theme,” even a too-be-continued number — and it is every bit as comforting. Get it here, or listen below.