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New Toyohirakumin: Music In The Air

Still not actually sure if Toyohirakumin is from Sapporo or is just pretending to be from Japan, but I’m going to continue taking risks in the hope that their is finally a vaporwave artist who actually lives in the country. Music In The Air, released through vaporwave imprint Dream Catalogue, collects several songs that have appeared on previous Toyohirakumin collections – highlights including the lusty-sax of “Nakano Botanical Gardens” and still-highlight “We Arrived In Sapporo,” in which what appears to be a supermarket jingle turns frosty and quite lovely – but there are also a few new cuts for those who like their sounds slowed down and their books written by Noam Chomsky. Those would include the similarly sax-blown “Curtis” (and it is the pervasive saxophone across Music In The Air that is the ultimate in for me), or the shuffling “Tomorrow, Toyohira.” Get it here or listen below, and also check out the video for “We Arrived In Sapporo.”