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New Tricot: “Break”

So let’s just get this out of the way…the concept for the video accompanying “Break” is pretty goofy. Like, goofy in a “this is very sweet but there is no doubt a thousand bored camp counselors have had the same idea” kind of way – someone should rip a piece of paper that says “this blogger’s jerk attitude” in half, that will show me. Though them cleaning up at the end is pretty great. Anyway, the song is solid, touching on what has made Tricot one of the better hopes for a better J-rock tomorrow. They are happy to let the rough edges of their music shine through, here highlighted by the somewhat rough all-together singing at the beginning and various other moments where the lead vocals stretch out a little far…but add a bit of wildness to this song. And they aren’t afraid to get knotty with the guitar, branching off in different directions and tempos throughout the song.