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Summer Breezin’: Ano(t)raks Light Wave ’14 (Vol. 2)

Walk around the Shinjuku skyscraper district at night…or head up to the 29th floor of any building to indulge in some food…and you’ll see so many lights on, even at 9 or 10 PM. “Are they actually working in there?” someone once asked me. Yeah, I told them, despite it being late and the heart of the summer. “That seems so sad.” It is, because this is the time of the year to relax, to savor decent rest and (at least come the evening) the weather. It’s a time built for a compilation like this one, all smooth and easy-breezy guitar music, ranging from beach-side lounge jams to city pop approximations. This is simplicity at its finest, something begging to soundtrack those fleeting moments of sweetness you deserve so much. Get it here or listen below.