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New Turntable Films: “Light Through”

I talked to Turntable Films’ lead singer Yosuke Inoue for The Japan Times about their new album Small Town Talk, and it was published today (well in the physical paper). In a good bit of timing, they shared the video for the song “Light Through,” which you can watch above.

Small Town Talk is definitely a shift for the Kyoto trio, primarily as they’ve switched to Japanese for the lyrics which lends the songs more detail than when they were singing in English. Initially I thought this change also took a little energy away from their music, but after listening to Small Town Talk a lot more, they actually are still capable of really catchy stuff. The only thing they’ve shied a bit away from is getting experimental, unlike 2012’s Yellow Yesterday which featured them taking steps outside the folk-pop box (and resulted in their best song, period). Still, their second full-length finds them refining their sound, and the shift to more narrative lyrics will probably be more charming, though if like me you need to take a dictionary to these things, it might not be quite as immediate.