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New Wallflower: “I Wish Spring Would Last Forever”

It’s somewhat startling to realize Osaka indie-pop band Wallflower haven’t released a proper album yet. They’ve become one of the cornerstones of that city’s twee-tastic community, and have put out various singles, EP and — that classic curveball — the mini album over the last few years. But now comes a real first album, set to be released in June. In a truly twee move, the first taste of it is a song called “I Wish Spring Would Last Forever,” which currently sounds fitting but upon the album’s release in the humid depths of summer will sound melancholy (and, like, really nice). Indie-pop isn’t exactly the most adventerous style of music, and “I Wish Spring” is more of a reminder of what Wallflower do well than any shift forward. But they do it well, and that’s why this album is going to be an anticipated one, regardless of the season. Listen above.