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New House Of Tapes: “Another Sky”

One of the bigger downsides of music fragmentation — specifically the fragmentation of how one goes about listening to new music — is not knowing where exactly to find something you want to check out. House Of Tapes released a full-length album via Progressive Form last month, and it’s on the hallowed wanna-hear list…but I couldn’t find a physical copy in any stores near me, and it isn’t on streaming last time I checked (and, uhhh, I’m lazy about ordering online). “Another Sky” serves as a great personal reminder to stop slacking and go get it, while also teasing a new(ish) direction for the Nagoya producer. Unlike the heavier sounds populating his early song catalog, “Another Sky” opts for lighter, downright pretty synthesizer notes, letting them flutter upwards. House Of Tapes slowly distorts them, leading to the big, forceful break in the song — the arrival of drum clangs — but even that doesn’t turn the song claustrophobic. Rather, it adds extra energy, and underlines the warm feeling lurking within. Listen above.